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Pocket Door Hardware Manufacturers

Pocket Door Hardware Manufacturers

There are five players that I know of in the pocket door hardware business. That is what it really is after all - the hardware. You can use just about any door in a pocket door system. It is the frame, track and suspension that really matters in a pocket door - not the door itself.

I have personally installed many pocket doors. Early in my career, I used the inferior frames that had no steel supports or strengthening ribs in the frame. The result was a disaster. As the frame warped, the door rubbed as it went in and out of the pocket. I finally began to use the frame and hardware made by the L.E. Johnson Company. Once I switched to this system, I never had another problem.

When you begin to shop for a pocket door frame and hardware set here are the things you should look for. The more of these features you get with your system, the better it will perform.

  • Look for a removable and a jump proof track. This is standard on many models.

  • Make sure the frame will support a 125 lb. minimum door. Can the door frame support a heavier door?
  • Are the frame uprights encased in steel? Are these rust protected?
  • Are the wheels one inch nylon?
  • Can you adjust the door without removing the casing?
  • Are the hangers three wheeled and self leveling ?

What? Too many things to ask? I will make it easy for you. It just so happens that the L.E. Johnson Company has all of the above features. Lawrence Hardware happens to come in #2. If I were you, I would simply contact all of the manufacturers below and see how they handle your request for information. Perhaps that will help you in making your decision.

  • L. E. Johnson Products, Inc.
    2100 Sterling Avenue
    Elkhart, Indiana 46516


  • National Manufacturing Co.
    P.O. Box 577
    Sterling, IL 61081-0577

  • Stanley Hardware
    480 Myrtle Street
    New Britain, Connecticut 06053


  • John Sterling Corporation
    11600 Sterling Parkway
    Richmond, Illinois 60071

Other pocket door hardware manufacturers:

  • Craftsmen in Wood Mfg.

  • Prime-Line Products Co.


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  1. I was wondering if we could get our company name added to the list of your pocket door hardware manufacturers. We manufacture frame kits much improved over anything else on the market, such as L.E. Johnson, etc. , and sell them direct to the end user. All kits have all steel studs, hardwood headers, and much more. Check out our pocket door kits, we have much more coming soon.

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