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Pocket Door Parts and Tips Video

Here's a video that quickly shows you what's behind the drywall that makes a pocket door work like magic.


4 Responses to Pocket Door Parts and Tips Video

  1. Tim -- I just watched your video on Pocket Doors (we have a new pocket door retro-fitted into our master bath during the remodeling done after the horrible black mold was discovered) and really enjoyed it with TWO exceptions:

    1. You definitely need to get non-glare coating put onto your eyeglass lenses!

    2. You looked miserable and nearly FROZEN -- and we folks living year 'round in Florida get anxious when we see people freezing...

    Jean Colson

    • Jean, I have a non-glare coating on the glasses. What happened is I was standing opposite a huge bank of windows. I should have angled my head to stop the glare - a mistake I'll blame on the cold. It was a frosty 32 F in the house and my face was pretty flush!

  2. Hi there. We revamped and refreshed a 1965 ranch house. The home has 2 pocket doors. One is in the kitchen and another one is the opening to a master bath. The contractor tried to talk me into removing them to which I responded with a resounding NO. These doors add such great character to a house and are a bit unusual to find in a house today. 🙂 New handle hardware and they were literally as good as new. Your video is a wonderful peek into these magical yet practical doors. We love them!

  3. I have a 30 year old house and the pocket door scrape against the stud scuffing the paint. Guess the stud warped. Any ideas on an easy fix?

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