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Ask the Builder Podcast 1 Highlights:

  • Tim calls Jill and they discuss the best way to repair wood kitchen flooring
  • Cutting out damaged area and installing an inlay different species border is an option
  • Greg asks Tim about porcelain tile vs hardwood flooring in his new San Tan Valley, AZ home
  • Hardwood presents many challenges on a slab floor
  • Tim shares a story about how he discovered blacktop sealer doesn't like humidity

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Photos & Product Links:

Jill's Damaged Kitchen Floor:

wood kitchen floor

This is Jill's kitchen floor. The dishwasher is out of frame to the left, but you can clearly see the sink base cabinet on the left. The dishwasher is to the left of the sink. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

water damaged wood floor

Here's a closeup photo of the floor in front of the dishwasher. It's not cupped too bad, but there's damage. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

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Greg's Floor Choice Dilemma:

Inlay Tile Flooring

The large tiles on this floor were set on smooth concrete. The smaller inlay tile make for a splendid contrast. ©2017 Tim Carter

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11 Responses to Podcast 1

  1. Good information! The problems these two customers were facing have many variables that will impact the best decision, so it was wise of them to not rush to a conclusion and get professional advice. Thanks for helping!

  2. This will be a good listen, week by week. Thanks for being such a fount of knowledge! You have helped me with several things through your newsletter, and I expect this podcast to help a lot more folks!

  3. I liked the story at the end, reminded of when I worked and we, not so much as me, would tell tails on our self's.

  4. I used Stain Solver to take off the black spots that looked like mold off of the outside of my french doors. It removed everything. I had previously, the year before, used bleach and that didn't take it off! It saved me from having to paint them since the factory coating is vinyl. Thanks

  5. Podcast review:
    Hi Tim. Love the calls and the topics. The only thing I noticed was that at the beginning, you sounded like you were reading from your script. I'm sure you wanted to be well prepared, but it sounded like too prepared. Same as when you told the black goo story.

    About wood vs tile: I put wood in the kitchen - big mistake. There are issues with spilled water, the danger of leaks, and animals. If I did ever put wood in the kitchen again, I would go with a floor that is finished after its installed, so that the varnish fills the tiny cracks between boards.

    I think a good compromise is tile in the kitchen and bathrooms and wood in the rest of the house. There are many ceramic tile choices that look like wood. If its too cold, how about radiant heating?

    Tim, you are right. Laminate flooring has come a long way. There are many nice choices these days. There are even some that claim to be water proof, although only usually for a period of minutes or hours. One new product I've seen is a vinyl or rubber flooring that the manufacturer claims to be 100% water proof.

    • TNX Brian as we say in Morse. Yes, I was reading from a set of talking points, but it's really necessary to get the messaging correct. That's especially true in the story at the end.

      Without the script or talking points, there's a great chance you'll leave out a very important point. And if you are not crystal clear in your head what you're going to say, countless crutch words will slip in. The voice of experience talkin'.

      If I do a better job with the talking points, you just might not be able to tell! Only time will tell, but it ain't talkin'. Famous words from Kenny Chesney.

  6. Hi Tim.

    Thanks for doing the podcast. I listen to several podcasts and enjoyed the information you shared.

    One suggestion would be to spend less time with each caller and add more callers in the podcast. This will present more topics that will interest listeners. I thought the calls in the first podcast were somewhat repetitive and could easily have been summed up in five minutes or less.

    You have so much amazing knowledge and it would be great to hear more topics in each episode.

    Keep up the great work.

    Darren - longtime newsletter subscriber

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