Podcast 13

Ask the Builder Podcast 13 Highlights:

  • Garage built too low
  • Bathroom light fixture problem
  • New tin roof in Washington DC
  • Tim shares a story about controlling cracks in concrete

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Photos, Links and Great Stuff:

CALL 1: Garage Too Low to Ground

garage slab too low

The garage slab was poured tool low. It should have been at least 6 inches higher. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

garage slab too low

Not only is the garage too low, but the walls were also not put in the right place. The vinyl siding should OVERLAP the concrete slab to prevent leaks.

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Call 2: Bathroom Light Fixture Not Fitting

light fixture extension

Patricia took my advice and created a mounting block to get the lights past the mirror. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter


Call 3: Tin Roof in Washington DC


Here is Rezibond. It's coil steel that has a coating that can be soldered. See the soldered waterproof joints at the corner lap joint? Listen to the above podcast to discover more about Rezibond. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

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