Podcast 2

Ask the Builder Podcast 2 Highlights:

  • Al is dressing up a plain set of plywood steps with new oak treads and risers (Featured in opens in a new windowMarch 11, 2018 Newsletter)
  • He wonders about the best way to level the treads and secure them
  • Tim calls Jeff and offers tips on how to trace the source of sewer gas in his Colorado mountain getaway cabin
  • Odds are the problem is a failed studor AAV vent - Tim HATES these mechanical nightmares
  • The podcast ends with a story about a young cocky carpenter that #FAILS at putting up crown molding

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Interior Steps

Here's the staircase Al's working on. He's going to cover that plywood with gorgeous oak! Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Plywood interior steps

This is a closeup shot of the plywood treads and risers. Note the existing steps don't have the 1-inch nosing that's required for safety. Al will be putting that on don't you worry. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

opens in a new windowWood Plugs

These are the wood plugs Al needs to disguise the countersunk screws he'll be using to fasten the new treads to the plywood. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to order these for your job.

How To Vent Plumbing Video - Forget About AAVs!

opens in a new windowPlumbing Vent Pipes

The fixture on the left is a washing machine drain box. You can see the 2-inch drain pipe leave the box and go into a p-trap. It connects to a 2 x 1.5 x 2 x tee. The vent pipe rising above the tee is just 1.5 pipe and connects to another vent pipe that is coming up from the basement below. © 2017 Tim Carter

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Crown Molding Videos

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