Podcast 22 Custom Joist Hangers

Ask the Builder Podcast 22 Custom Joist Hangers:

  • Custom Joist Hangers - Tim Carter, founder of AsktheBuilder.com, talks to David up in Wisconsin. He's building a deck and needs custom joist hangers for a few beams. You'll love Tim's suggestion.
joist hanger

See the black foundation wall? That's where the custom joist hangers need to be mounted. Look at the deck plan below to get a feel of what Dave's trying to accomplish. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

custom joist hangers

The red arrows point to the three locations where the custom joist hangers need to be used to support the beams extending from the foundation wall at a 90-degree angle. The one at the foundation corner is ultra-special. It needs to have extra-long flanges so the through bolts aren't within 6 inches of the concrete corner. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

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