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Pop Rivet Tool Video

Some projects, such as working on your aluminum gutters, will require you to connect two pieces of thin metal. An effective method is the use of a pop rivet gun. Most pop rivet tools come with an assortment of pop rivets and some 1/8" drill bits.

To hold the metal pieces while pop riveting them together, use a clamp to hold the pieces in position. Then, an 1/8" diameter hole must be drilled through the pieces. Use your power drill and the drill bits furnished. Place the pop rivet into the pop rivet tool, place the pop rivet head into the drilled hole and squeeze. The pop rivet is similar to a nail with a large head. As you squeeze the pop rivet gun, it pulls the shank of the pop rivet causing the head to mushroom on the back side of the metal.

These are great tools for connecting two pieces of thin metal together. To be politically correct, will they be introducing a mom rivet tool?


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