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Post-it Flex Write Surface

post it flex write

Post-it® Flex Write Surface | Here's a very small sample of the magic film you apply to a wall. This is the teaser sample sent by the company so you could play with it. See below for the GIANT sizes you can buy. Alakazam! - instant white board - permanent markers wipe off with WATER! CLICK or TAP HERE or the photo to buy it now.

Post-it® Flex Write Surface - Permanent Markers Wipe Off

I tested the Post-it® Flex Write Surface product and it works. It works really well.

You know that permanent markers can ruin a traditional whiteboard - and yes, there is a toxic chemical you can use to restore one should you make a mistake and not use a dry-erase marker.

I'm not a big fan of clear toxic chemicals that can soak into your skin, are you?

The Post-it® Flex Write Surface is a thin film with a self-adhesive backing. You can apply it to any painted wall. BOOM! You have a whiteboard in seconds in any room!

It's perfect for home use and office use. A very good friend who was a school teacher mentioned it would be ideal for school science-fair projects!

Post-it® Flex Write Surface:

  • comes in a variety of different sizes up to 4 x 8 sheet and a roll 50-feet long x 4 high - cut and customize it to fit any size - CLICK or TAP HERE to order a giant roll.
  • has self-adhesive back surface
  • applies to a painted wall in seconds
  • remove from the wall with no damage
  • MAGIC! - permanent markers wipe off with water
post it flex write surface

This was done with a Sharpie. You know that once it touches something, the mark doesn't go away.

post it flex write

I waited for 30 minutes to ensure the marker was dry. I tried rubbing it with my finger. It was PERMANENT - or so I thought. Then I wet a clean paper towel and wiped off the marker with NO EFFORT. It's magic! CLICK or TAP HERE to buy this amazing product now.

post it flex write

The Post-it® Flex Write Surface comes in a roll. You can buy it in different sizes. CLICK or TAP HERE to buy the size you need.

post it flex write

Here's an old white board made for my kids by my father-in-law. They ruined it one day using permanent markers. HAH! I'm going to apply a new sheet of Post-it® Flex Write Surface and it's going to look like new! CLICK or TAP HERE to order yours now.



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