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Preassembled Staircases & Handrails – Manufacturers

Manufacturers of Preassembled Staircases & Handrails

The following manufacturers make preassembled staircases and/or handrail systems. Many of them have extremely detailed literature that shows you their full line of products, measuring methods, and other things you need to consider when thinking about a stair purchase.

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Be sure you investigate the products of each one of these. Some may be far easier to assemble than others. Measurements are extremely critical. If at all possible, ask for references and call or go visit a local jobsite where the staircase or handrail was installed.

Do not underestimate the degree of difficulty in this project. You may think it is simple, but it requires enormous skill, even to assemble some of these kits. The people who say it is easy are the ones who have done it twenty or more times.

  • AJ Stairs
  • Arcways Stair Parts
  • David Lennox Woodworking
  • Deer Park Stairbuilding/Millwork
  • Duvinage Corporation
  • Image Design Staircases
  • L.J. Smith Stair Systems
  • Mylen Industries
  • Sierra Stair Company
  • Southern Staircase
  • Staircase & Millwork Corp.
  • Designed Stairs, Inc.
  • Woodsmiths Design & Mfg.

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