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Prefab Frame Walls Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I'm here at a new residential construction site in New Hampshire. I want to show you something. See all these walls that have been built? Well, they weren't built onsite.

Typically, it is called stick framing where the lumber company brings a big pile of lumber of various types and sizes. Then the jobsite carpenters measure and cut and fabricate the walls. But all the walls for this house were built at a factory and shipped here on a flatbed.

Check this. This is a wall section that was built at the factory. It is going to be an interior wall because there is no sheathing on either side. This section has been actually measured down to the 1/16th of an inch, and comes with the double top plate on it. The top plate has an overhang where it will butt up against another section where it turns a corner.

That's how sophisticated the pre-engineered and pre-built wall sections are. And it really doesn't cost any more, but it allows construction of the home to go much faster.


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