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Put Out Grease Fire

Put Out Grease Fire - Use Lid Not Water

Watch the terrifying video above of what happens when you try to put out a kitchen grease fire using water.

Why is Water Bad?

The water is bad because it immediately goes from the liquid to the vapor (steam) state as the temperature of the burning grease is quite possibly 500 F. Water boils at 212 F.

How Can the Steam Explode or Burn?

As the tiny water droplets turn to steam, they get coated with a fine layer of grease. The grease-coated steam becomes a giant flammable cloud in your kitchen.

What are the Best Ways to Put Out a Grease Fire?

There are three safe methods to put out a grease fire:

  • dry baking soda
  • pot or pan lid
  • fire extinguisher

Dry powdered baking soda works well for small fires.

put out grease fire

Sprinkle this on a small grease fire. CLICK HERE or the photo to have this delivered to your home.

A lid works because it cuts off the supply of air, or oxygen, to the grease fire. The moment the lid is on the pot or pan, the fire immediately goes out.

Don't PANIC putting the lid on. Just calmly slide it in place so you don't upset the pot or pan and get severely burned by the scalding hot grease.

A dry chemical fire extinguisher is best because you can stand safely away from the grease and put out the fire.

put out grease fire

This is a perfect fire extinguisher to have in your kitchen. At the time I created this page, it was LESS THAN $20. That's a small price to have enormous peace of mind. Put it under the sink cabinet. CLICK HERE or the photo to have one delivered to your home.

put out grease fire

You can see how small this fire extinguisher is. It will fit under a kitchen sink cabinet with ease. CLICK HERE or the photo to have one delivered to your home.

Put Out Grease Fire - Use a Lid or Extinguisher
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Put Out Grease Fire - Use a Lid or Extinguisher
Put out a grease fire with a lid or extinguisher. Do NOT use water!
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