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Quick Release Drill Bit Manufacturers

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Bench grinder sharpening drill bits: Using a bench grinder to sharpen drill bits

Quick Release Drill Bit Manufacturers

Here is a list of quick release drill bit companies that I was able to find. I also give a brief description of each set and its pros and cons. Overall, each system is very good. No matter which one you buy, you will save lots of time. All of them come with great plastic storage cases. Most are clearly marked so you put the right bit back where it belongs. I guarantee you that you will fall in love with the quick release system.

Any Sears Store.

The Sears line of quick release bits is called Speed-Lok. They have by far the greatest number of bits, accessories, etc. for the quick release system. I tested their 27 piece set. If you want to be the best on your block, get the Master Drill and Driver 85 piece set! Aside from all of the normal bits and such these sets come with two cool drivers. One is a screwdriver bit that has a sleeve that prevents the screw from slipping off the bit. As you drive the screw, the sleeve retracts allowing you to countersink the screw. The Speed-Lok sets also come with a countersink drill bit and driver in one. Once you drill the pilot hole and the countersink hole with one motion, you quickly rotate the bit in the special holder and you are ready to drive the screw. It is a very handy feature. Of course, because they have the Craftsman name, they offer a lifetime warranty.



Their set is like all the rest except for one very, very desirable feature. When you insert a bit into their universal chuck, you simply push the bit into the chuck. ALL other systems require at the very least a motion to lock the bit into place or a two handed motion that has one hand sliding the chuck ring back while the other hand inserts the bit. The only time you need two hands is when you release the bit. The Sears Craftsman system can be operated with one hand to both place and remove a bit, but it requires an extra step to lock the bit into place. The Dewalt chuck is the best of all in my opinion.

Jore Corporation

Their system looks so much like the Craftsman system, that I am inclined to think they might make the Sears system.


Vermont American

They just came out with their set the week prior to writing this column, and I hadn't seen it.

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