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Radiant Floor Heat Plates Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I'm in the basement of an construction site on a very cold winter morning. Recent advancements in technology have led to improvements in radiant floor heating.

In this installation, there are transfer plates. These plates have a channel down the middle for the pex tubing. The pex tubing which carries the hot water is already installed in the channels. In the past, the pex tubing was just stapled to the underside of the floor. This caused a concentration of the heat along the tubes. With the addition of the transfer plates, the heat is spread over a wider area.

There are two transfer plates with tubing in each of the joist bays. The tubing runs down the length of the joist bay, turns back and through the other transfer plate. Then the tube travels to the next joist bay and repeats the looping.

The transfer plates are what increase the even warmth of the radiant floor heating. In addition, the transfer plates protect the pex piping from penetration from above. Be sure to get them installed when you add radiant floor heating.


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