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How to Remove Paint from Patio Pavers Video

How to Remove Paint from Patio Pavers

Remove patio paint fast and easy with a pressure washer. Even soft Mexican tile can be restored safely.

Remove Patio Paint With No Damage

It's important to realize the key to prevent damage to the patio surface is using the correct tip on the wand and holding the wand at a very low angle.

Pressure washer tips normally come in these sizes:

  • 0 degrees
  • 15 degrees
  • 25 degrees
  • 40 degrees
  • wide angle rinse

The 0-degree tip delivers a laser-type stream of water about the diameter of a piece of cooked spaghetti. It's very destructive and should never be used on wood, masonry or any other softer surface. It's best used on steel.

You should start with a 25-degree tip and see if you get acceptable results. Switch to the 15-degree tip if the paint is holding on tight to the patio.

remove patio paint

This is a 15-degree pressure washer wand tip. You can twist the tip to adjust the direction of the fan spray. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

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Low Angle Digs Under Paint Film

Holding the pressure washer wand at a low angle is the best way to prevent damage. This angle allows the high-pressure water stream to get a purchase under the edge of the paint and peel it from the patio.

A point often overlooked is a high angle will erode the paint, but it can likely immediately damage the surface under the paint.

As long as the water stream is just glancing off the patio at a low angle, it usually will only attack the paint.

Pressure Washer Basic Safety

Pressure washers are very dangerous machines. The stream of water coming from the tip can cut into skin and it can cause permanent eye damage (blindness) if you get the stream in your eyes. NEVER allow dogs or other pets near the water stream while you're working.

Wear ear protection as the motor noise will cause occupational hearing loss.

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