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How to Remove Patio Tiles

How to Remove Patio Tiles Video

You can remove patio tiles in a flash using a cordless rotary chipping hammer. For one thing, your back is going to love you.

A power tool with a 3/4-inch flat chipping chisel can remove full tiles in seconds if you get under the tile.

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Remove Patio Tiles Requires Minimal Skill

You don't have to have years of experience to remove tiles. I taught a friend of mine to do it in less than two minutes.

The key is chipping pieces of tile away from you if you're trying to preserve nearby tiles.

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remove patio tiles - chipping hammer

Use a cordless chipping hammer like this to remove tiles in seconds. You must have the right chisel bit!

Sometimes you can remove an entire tile by chiseling at a low angle getting the bit under the tile so it pops up.

Safety First

Be sure to wear safety glasses, heavy gloves and slow down. Shards of tile can be very sharp and cuts are a constant threat.

Grind Out Grout

You need to grind out the grout around tile that are being replaced. If you bash the tile with a hammer without removing the grout, the force of the hammer blow will transfer to adjacent tile and possibly crack them.

Remove Patio Tiles - Angle Grinder

This is a great but inexpensive angle grinder. Put in a dry diamond blade and you can cut away grout in seconds. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have this grinder delivered to your door.

Remove Thinset Too

The old thinset that is under the tile needs to be removed. This cement material can get in the way when you go to install the new tile.

A wide chisel tapping towards the thinset is the only way to remove it fast.

Rub the concrete slab with your bare hand to make sure its smooth. All dust must be swept away before installing new tile.

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