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Removing a Car From an Icy Lake

After watching this video, you'll agree Russians are experienced and resourceful when it comes to retrieving a car that fell through the ice on a lake.

Keep this tip in your head in case you need to do the same thing.

It's so smart, simple and stupendous!


3 Responses to Removing a Car From an Icy Lake

  1. What I'd like to see is how they got the wooden skid under and fastened to the car frame. Once that is done, the actual winching it out is not all that spectacular.

  2. Next question is why bother? Unless they intend to attach a tongue and double tree so they can pull it with a team of mules, the car isn't worth the effort. Just wait for the thaw, then let it sink. Would make a great bass bed if they'd roll down the windows.

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