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Removing Finish Nails Video

Here is a challenge for your project. You have removed a piece of trim wood or base board and you want to use it again. But the piece of lumber has finish nails in it. How do you get these nails out without damaging the wood? Most people use a hammer and drive the nail out from the back. This can cause the head of the head to tear out chunks of the wood as it is driven out.

The finish nail can be removed with a hammer. Using a newer claw hammer with a nice machined edges on the head, grab the nail from the back side and gently pull it out through the back.

A second method is to use a hack saw. Place the blade as close to the wood on the back side and cut off the exposed part of the nail. The head will stay in the trim piece, but it won't be noticeable.

Third option is to cut a pair of linesman pliers. Normally used by an electrician to cut wire, you grab the nail, from the back side, and roll the pliers to the side. This will pull the nail through the wood.

These methods will allow you to salvage and reuse that piece of trim wood. It will save you money by recycling that trim.


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