Repair Handrail in Concrete With Epoxy

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Repair Handrail in Concrete and Brick Podcast:

Tim Carter talks with Bob in New York about how to repair his metal handrail that's loose on his exterior brick wall.

It's important to realize Tim made this exact repair at a friend's house in Los Angeles a few years ago. Tim suggested to Bob that he watch the video just below to see how to epoxy in a bolt that will hold the handrail forever and a day. WATCH the video now. Below the video you'll discover:

  • photo of the epoxy Tim used
  • photos of Bob's handrail

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Tim shares why it's so important to get someone else to measure for the new windows. Don't assume that responsibility yourself.

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Here are the important photos you need to view:


This is a wonderful DIY handrail repair epoxy. I've used it with great results. CLICK or TAP HERE or THE IMAGE TO ORDER IT NOW.

repair handrail in brick or concrete

This is the part of the handrail that needs to be repaired the epoxy and the bolt.

repair handrail in brick

This anchor needs to come out and Bob needs to drill a wedge-shaped hole as you see me do in the above video.

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