Replace Aluminum Windows With Vinyl Windows

Replace Aluminum Windows With Vinyl Windows Podcast - Click to Listen to Podcast 43:

Tim Carter talks with Gary in a small town south of Atlanta, Georgia. Gary lives in a concrete-block house and needs to replace his crappy aluminum windows with vinyl windows. Gary is 70+ years old, handy, and just needs a nudge on how it's done.

Tim shared with Gary the a few methods you can see in the following two videos. Tim also talked about getting AAMA gold-label windows. Those are the best ones made. CLICK or TAP HERE to discover how to get AAMA windows.

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Tim shares why it's so important to get someone else to measure for the new windows. Don't assume that responsibility yourself.

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Here are a few photos of the windows Gary wants to replace:

replace aluminum window with vinyl

This is the crappy aluminum window Gary talks about in the podcast.

replace aluminum window with vinyl window

This is the monster window Gary mentioned. Remember, you can create any NEW window you want. He wants sliders. I'd go with casements for full ventilation opening.

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