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Replace Defective Shingles or Switch to Metal Roofing

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  • Have asphalt shingles improved
  • There are great shingles out there
  • Metal roofing is great too
  • Use ice and watershields

Barb Koehler, who lives in Moultonborough, NH, is facing an expensive re-roofing project. I have a feeling she has the same decroted pieces-of-crap shingles on her house that I have. Read this:

"Tim, We have a failed twelve-year-old asphalt roof.  We're currently looking at an expensive removal/re-roof job.  The shingles were changed to less oil content, more paper/filler stuff some years ago.

Has this been rectified or are we looking at another replacement in another 12 years (assuming all else is correct)?  I want to know if shingles are better; otherwise, it's a metal roof for us I guess."

Here's my answer to Barb:

Barb, I'll bet you have the same shingles I have on my home. Are they IKO? That's a popular brand of shingles up here in central New Hampshire for some reason.

Guess what? IKO is in the middle of a massive dispute with thousands of homeowners about their shingles. You can research this online by typing: IKO Shingles class action

I contacted them during the winter and believe me their defense shields are WAY UP. They're hiding behind their installation instructions. If they determine that the roofer has ONE NAIL out of place, then they say the warranty is VOID.

That's BS.

Anyway, the bottom line is you can still get fantastic high-quality asphalt roofing shingles. I'd take a look at GAF, Owens Corning and Certainteed.

Metal roofing is a wonderful product too, but it MUST BE installed perfectly. You absolutely must read the installation instructions that come with it and make sure they're followed to the letter.

I can tell you that I'd not hesitate to install great asphalt shingles. Be sure you install lots of the Ice and Watershield membranes too to prevent leaks that happen from ice dams.

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4 Responses to Replace Defective Shingles or Switch to Metal Roofing

  1. Tim, We had BP shingles installed. I understand that ALL of them had class action suits, but recently read that the Timberline HD as well as Certainteed and Owens Corning have the ASTM D3462 testing done once in awhile.
    Does it make sense to use organic or fiberglass asphalt shingles this far North?

    • I would simply reach out to the manufacturer via their webpage using the Contact Form. Ask them which shingle they feel is best for NH. Believe me, they SHIP the correct shingles to the local distributors.

  2. The installation instructions for metal roofing is INADEQUATE in a hurricane zone.

    Screw-downs need to be doubled for about 24" around the edges and in the central area of a roof face, perhaps in a 6' by 8' oval.

    Metal roofing doesn't fail in a spot. It fails catastrophically.

    I saw that roofs installed this way were intact after Katrina. The home owners were quite proud of having forced the contractors to do it this way instead of according to the instructions or building code or whatever kind of excuse the contractors had.

  3. Thanks for posting this story Tim. My 30 year iko shingles are failing after 10 years. I had no idea there wasnt the only one.

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