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Restoring a Weathered Teak Table

The weathered, gray teak table in the photos below shows how the original sealer succumbed to Mother Nature. You can see grease stains near the center of the table.

Stain Solver oxygen bleach was used to remove the failed factory-applied sealer, all the sun-damaged gray wood fibers and the grease.

I used Extreme Defy, a synthetic-resin water repellent, to seal the table. It comes in different colors, but my wife Kathy likes the Cedar Tone color because it resembles what the teak looks like when it's wet.

NOTE FROM TIM CARTER - Founder of AsktheBuilder.com - posted October, 2016: I no longer would apply Defy deck sealer to any exterior wood that I own at my own home.

Tim Carter

The weathered table before.

The table is now clean and dry and the center panel has been coated with the new water repellent.

The weathered table after cleaning and sealing.

All photos by Tim Carter.

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