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Retractable Screen Companies

Retractable Screen Companies

I did an exhaustive search on the Internet to find companies that make retractable screens. I also opened my own Cincinnati, Ohio Yellow Pages. Much to my surprise and to their credit, a local company owner named his company wisely. Under the "Screens" heading in the phone book I quickly located a company called Tri-State Retractable Screens. It is my hope that you will also have a local company that is clever enough to name their company so you know what they sell.

I called the local company and lo and behold they are a distributor for the Canadian company Phantom Screens. The next day the friendly salesperson was at my house. He showed me the product and indicated that if I was ready to make a decision, he was ready to install the screens. I thought he meant the following week after I ordered them. Nope. He meant right now! This company has a truck that is outfitted with everything they need to cut and make the screens on-site. I was impressed to say the least.

Some of the companies below did not answer repeated emails that I sent to them from their websites.  - See Author's Added Notes Below - That really discourages me. It tells me that they are not responsive. Keep in mind that Pella retractable screens can ONLY be placed on Pella windows. This was told to me directly by their head of public relations. If you do not have Pella windows, you are wasting your time calling them. If you are thinking of buying new or replacement windows, then it might be worth a visit to one of their showrooms.

  • AGIgroup.com
  • ClearView Invisible Screen Door
  • Eclipse Technologies Inc.
  • Genius Retractable Screen Systems
  • HideAwayScreensTM
  • Mirage - Div. Of Alco Ventures Inc.
  • Pella Windows and Doors
  • Phantom Screens
  • Stoett Industries
  • Williams Mfg. Corp.

Author's Notes:

One of the above companies contacted me about my comments concerning the lack of response. Here is a direct quote from the email:

"Since you are unable to provide proof of the repeated unanswered requests for information from - (Name Withheld) - we would appreciate it if you would either remove the reference or remove our Company name from your site."

Here are the facts:

I did send repeated requests to the above companies. It is unreasonable for a company to expect a person/company to keep copies - paper or digital - of every email they send/receive.

It is entirely possible there was a technical reason the company did not receive my emails. But the strange thing is all of my other email got through on those days to other people and businesses.

There is a possibility the company never got my email. But remember, I sent more than one. It would be very odd over a period of days for a company to not get all of the emails.

My advice to you is try yourself. Email several of the companies above and see just how responsive they are. Do they answer your questions? Do they get back within 24 hours Monday-Friday? What is the quality of the response?

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4 Responses to Retractable Screen Companies

  1. As for making screens on the spot, a machine manufacturing process makes a much more accurate screen system than an on-site fabrication. Combine this with a fail-proof welded end retention system (no zippers to blow out) and an adjustable track system and you have a product that works for many years like it is supposed to.

  2. Based on the information included in the above Web entry, I would not consider this an exhaustive search, and definitely not exhaustive delivery if comparable data. The author focuses mostly on the comment from one company rather than comparing data or findings from the different companies I'm inclined to believe that this entry is not an unbiased opinion based on research, but rather an endorsement of one company based on undisclosed information.

    • Paul, you're entitled to your opinion no matter if it's flawed.

      Your complaint isn't even valid. The title says I'm going to deliver a list of companies. I did.

      For goodness sakes man, we're talking about screens. That technology is quite basic.

      Spring-loaded windows shades have been around for over 100 years. When you marry the two technologies together, you get rolling screens.

      What more do you need to know? If you want more in-depth micro factoids, then by gosh reach out and contact all the companies that make them.

      Comments like yours add little value to the conversation and instead of me deleting it - I can with one click - I decided to leave it up so others can see how you expect others to do all the work for you.

      Oh, I'll add one more thing. You got the above list and story for FREE. Had you had to pay a FEE for the above information and thought you were getting a pdf file that had exhaustive research in it and there was just *one* company, then maybe you'd have a valid complaint.

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