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Retractable Screens – For Windows and Doors

Retractable Screens - For Windows and Doors!

I first saw retractable screens at a home and garden show in the late 1990's. I immediately thought that it was a very good idea. It just made sense. Get the screen out of the way when you don't need it.

The idea for these screens was not new. Pella Windows was an offshoot of a rollscreen business. The founder of Pella was asked by so many customers to repair the windows he was screening, that he saw a need for high-quality windows. This is how Pella Windows started out. Isn't that a crazy story?

The traditional method of storing screens is a pain in the you-know-what. Each fall you need to go around the house and remove the screens. If you are a go-getter, you clean them before they are stored. If you are lucky, you don't rip or tear the screens as you store them or when you get them out of storage in the spring. Of course, in the spring, you reverse the process. You go around and re-install the screens.

They Disappear

This may seem crazy, but the retractable screens disappear in a flash. You detach the screen at the window sill and the screen glides up into the handsome housing that is tucked up into the top of the window frame area. If you have any type of curtains or valance strip at the top of the windows, you can't even see the housing. The design of most windows is such that no glass area is blocked by the housing or side tracks that hold the screen into position. Retractable screens can be fitted to doors as well.

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