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Retractable Screens

If you want to bring back some sour memories of my childhood, all you need to do is say "screens". My mom had to work to support my family because my dad was very sick. My sister and I had to jump in and do many household chores in an effort to keep my mom from burning out. Each spring it was my job to clean the window screens. We only had 13 screens that were about 20 inches wide by 40 inches long. They were heavy metal framed screens that fit into the center panel of old steel casement windows.

At the time, it seemed like there were a million screens. My poor attitude about this job made a 20-minute project for an adult stretch into a two-hour ordeal for a 9-year-old grumpy boy who wanted to be playing with his friends. The amazing thing is that this attitude is hereditary! My kids mope and whine whenever I ask them to do the simplest chores. My guess is that this is true for just about every child. Now that I am grown up, I can see that I sure didn't help mom much by my whining when it came time to clean screens!

Forgotten Technology

Retractable screens are not some new, untested technology that will disappoint you. They have been around for over 75 years! One of the major players in the wood window industry actually got its start making retractable screens. Who were they? The Pella Rollscreen Company.

My guess is that the owner of the company figured out pretty quickly that cash flow improved if you made a product that was needed year-round. If you have traveled in Iowa in December and January you find out you don't have much need for screens!

Doors Too!

The retractable screens are multi-functional. Not only can you get them for windows, you can fit them onto doors of any type. They are a handsome addition to any door system and you don't have the problem of getting pinched in between two doors when you are going into and out of the primary door. When it is time to go somewhere, just retract the screen! If you have spent thousands of dollars on a beautiful front door, why in the world would you want to hide it behind a ho-hum screen door? I knew you would see it my way!


What do these wonderful items cost? Well, it depends upon many factors. They can be a little pricey, but trust me, they are well worth it. One of the biggest things you will save is time. Cleaning screens will become a thing of the past if you use these screens properly. When you close your windows to leave the house or if it rains, etc., retract the screens. Once retracted the screens are protected from dirt. An additional benefit is the unobstructed view from all of your windows. If you have clean glass, the difference is amazing, especially if you have to look through the windows at an angle. With screens in place, the view from a window at an angle can nearly block the view as the vertical screen threads begin to get closer to one another!

If the price to do your entire home is too much, consider installing the screens on four or five key windows. Once you see how well they work, you will figure out a way to outfit the remaining windows.

Call Past Customers

If you want to hear how well these screens really work, I want you to talk to some past customers. Let them tell you how well they like the screens. Ask them about service after the sale. Ask if they would buy them again. I think you will get very positive answers.

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