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Retro-Fit Recirculating Pump Comparison

Retro-fit Recirculating Pump Manufacturers and Tips
Sean Dougherty, an individual who works for The MWW Group, a public relations firm, was kind enough to develop this cool comparison of retrofit hot water recirculating pumps:

www.metlund.com Metlund's product, the D'MAND, requires the pump and valve to operate together under the sink, which creates a secondary requirement for electricity under the sink where there is not usually an outlet. In addition, it requires the user to activate it to call for water - in residential applications this will typically be a pushbutton. Therefore, the system saves the water and energy but doesn't provide instant hot water. At Grundfos, we don't spend a lot of time talking about cost savings with this product because we recognize that with water costs strictly regulated, the dollars returned from the water savings are modest. We do stress the comfort (hence the name) because that is the main sales feature of this type of product

www.lainginc.com/instant.htm Laing's Autocirc product uses a similar concept to the Grundfos Comfort Instant Hot Water System but without the timer - creating a recirculation loop using existing hot and cold water pipes. Instead of using the thermally activated valve, Laing's pump turns on automatically whenever the hot water supply line water cools and replaces that water with hot water. Of course, this 24-hour operation means more electricity use and more heat constantly in the pipes. Absent excellent insulation, this will drive up cost of operation. In addition, the pump is positioned under the sink, not in the boiler room, increasing the odds that electrical work will be necessary in addition to the plumbing.

www.grundfos.com Here is the one. It is Tim Carter, me talking now. The water circulation system that eliminates cold water runoff at the faucet, using a bypass valve and pump with a timer to control water flow. (You can find the nearest distributor at the Grundfos USA web site.) No return line is needed. The bypass valve has a thermostat that senses when hot water has reached the farthest plumbing fixture. The timer on the pump allows you to control when hot water is at the fixtures you need it to be at and when! This is the real deal. I highly urge you to give the Grundfos Comfort Series Pump a serious look.

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