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Right Angle Drill Versus a Hole Saw Video

Tim is getting ready to install a new sink drain. The drain requires a 2-1/8" diameter hole drilled through a 2x4 bottom plate and a 3/4" thick subfloor. Or about 2-1/4" wood thickness. Normally, a hole for a drain would be done with a hole saw. However, hole saws are only good for drilling through material about an inch thick.

As an alternative, try a half inch, right angle drill. These drills delivery incredible power to the drill bit on the end of the shaft. The right angle drill turns at a slower speed than a regular drill, but has a high power output. This drill will allow you to drill through that bottom plate and subfloor quickly. It also drills a very precise hole.

As Tim states, "There is nothing like the smell of pine shavings in the morning."

This set up will drill a hole through all the wood and allows the PVC pipe to be run to the basement. To do the job correctly, you have to have the right tool and drill bit. Even if you have visit your local tool rental store. It will save you time and money.


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