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Shoveling snow can be hard work, especially when the snow is wet. There are some products that can help. Deicing salts will help clear the snow. Will these salts harm the concrete? Not if the concrete was properly installed.

There are three types of rock salts. Regular rock salt, anhydrous calcium chloride salt and magnesium chloride. The magnesium chloride, or mag, is newer and works better at lower temperatures. It is also less corrosive to metals, such as railings. Mag is also easier on the trees and shrubs as compared to the other two salt types.

Most stores will carry the first two types of salt, but you might have to go to a specialty store to obtain the magnesium chloride product. Check the yellow pages under salts.

Put down a layer of the salt before the snow starts accumulating. It will be easier to clear your sidewalks and driveway if you do. Save your back and try some of these road salt deicing products.

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