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Roof Moss Video

Roof Moss

Are you shingles covered with moss? This shingles in this garage roof section are covered with green moss growing everywhere. Roof moss can cause the shingles to fail prematurely, besides looking gross.

But the roof just ten feet away is clear of any moss or algae! Why are these shingles clean and the others are not? Not because they have been cleaned by Tim. Mother Nature did it. For free!

Above the clean section of the roof, there is a copper cupola. It is this little bitty roof that is keeping the moss off the roof. Every time it rains, a little of the copper washes off the cupola and onto the shingles. That copper creates a poison so that the moss and algae will not grow, must like a weed killer who use on your lawn.

If you do not want moss growing on your roof, you can put copper on your roof. Just place copper strips underneath the cap shingles on your roof. Leave 2 - 3 inches of copper exposed so the rain can wash copper particles down over the shingles.

Or if you are buying a new home or having a roof replaced, there are shingles with copper embedded right in the shingle.

Using a little copper on your roof can prevent moss and algae from growing. It is just that simple.

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10 Responses to Roof Moss Video

  1. I have green alge growing on parts of my 10 year old roof. I also see some parts of the shingles going black. Just finished viewing your film clip and was impressed . Thanks for sharing your knowledge and advise.

  2. I have gotten 2 estimates for my garage roof. they are approximately the same price and the shingles will be the same. One indicates that osb will be laid on top of the existing roof decking and therefore cover the holes and the other says the existing decking on top of the roof rafters has be be removed since is is old and rotten and replaced with thicker exterior plywood which will be code and stronger. I have seen that osb board is much cheaper, but will it be as strong as the exterior plywood. It just seems to me, since there is rot on the existing plywood in places as well as the holes, that it should be removed, and the thickness isn't to code. If osb is placed over the existing old plywood the one contractor stated this would be additional thickness to keep limbs from breaking through. What do you think? It is a 900 sq roof and both prices are $3200 to $3500. Is osb acceptable for a roof and will it last as long as exterior plywood, and what thickness is recommended. thank you so much. I have only so much money and can't replace this again any time soon.

  3. HI Tim,
    I have viewed your helpful video about how copper will prevent moss and algae on asphalt singles - my question is will ZINC strips do the same?? I have heard they will prevent moss/algae als0 and cost less than copper..

    I have a hip roof and do you have any recommendation on spacing the strips??? THANKS for all your help!!!!!!! You have a GREAT site.

  4. Hi Tim,
    Great video, thank you. It kind of answered my question as to why a 6 foot wide strip down the middle of my roof was 100% moss free, and there was moss on either side (north facing roof in the Northwest).
    At the very top of my roof was a protruding feature that had a 5'x3' galvanized cap. The roof was moss free for a good 15 feet to the gutter.
    This begs the question of using simple galvanized flashing on the top and any crest on the roof to straddle the crown shingles, using some asphalt adhesive, i would assume instead of nails.
    I have not seen any discussion of this on any web site, however, it would seem an effective and MUCH easier method to install than tucking zinc or copper strips under shingles (which is a reasonable amount of work)

    You thoughts?

    Best regards,

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