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Roof Repair Seattle

Roof repairs in Seattle, WA, or any other city in the USA, are not much different. Depending on the roofing material and the slope of the roof, the average homeowner or businessperson probably can’t do the roofing-repair work. Although the average repair is not necessarily hard work, it requires an understanding of how the different materials work and interact with the other things on roofs such as skylights, plumbing vent pipes, ventilation fans etc.

Rubber roof repair is almost always best left to a professional. The solvents and chemicals used to bond different pieces of rubber together can be a little tricky to work with. Metal roof repair is absolutely a job for a professional. I can’t think of one homeowner I know that could possibly have the tools and skills to make a metal roof leakfree!

Roof flashing repair is typically the job that has to be done. In my experience, I’ve determined that over 90% of roof leaks happen at flashings. A flashing is a transitional roofing material. It connects the roofing to something that’s not a roof.

For example, you need a flashing where a plumbing vent pipe pokes through a roof. It needs to be laced correctly in with the roofing materials to stop leaks. You’ll find flashings around chimneys, skylights, vent housings, etc.

What virtually every homeowner or business owner wants is a real professional roofer to do the work. It’s not as hard to find one as you might think, but the traditional methods of locating them can’t always ensure you’ll get a pro.

I’ve discovered that it really helps to get educated about the roofing materials, and ask questions of the roofers to see if they know the answers. It’s also important to have them supply all insurance documentation as well as solid references.

Years ago, I developed a systematic checklist that homeowners can use to help them select the pro roofer. Inside the checklist are four videos that show you the real secret on how to locate the names of the real professionals. That’s really what you want - you want the names of the roofers to call who will do your roof repair right the first time!


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