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Rusty Sink Repair

Greg is helping his mom sell her house in Corona, CA. But the laundry room sink is rusty and it needs a minor repair before the For Sale sign goes up. Here's the story:

"Mom has a laundry room in the house, with a cast iron sink in a cabinet next to the washer.

The cast iron underside has accumulated rust, which is falling into the cabinet, and anything in it.

I don't imagine the rusting of the sink is a problem as it will take way too many years for that to be a problem.

But we're trying to find a way to seal it or keep the rust from falling onto anything below.

We can't get to two of the sides easily to paint, or spray, on a sealer, because they are too close to the walls.

What are the best options for dealing with this?

She's looking to sell the place in the next year, but we want to do it in a way that won't cause the next people problems later."

Greg, I think you can repair this rusty sink in about 90 minutes or less.

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Here are the steps:

This is not a tough job and I commend you on your attitude to do it right so it's not a problem for the next owner of the home.

Be SURE to wear eye goggles while doing all the prep work. You do NOT want rust to get into your eyes.

The voice of experience talking!


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