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Sakrete Flocoat Video

Tim Carter shows a concrete refinishing product that can be colorized and applied to make driveway tattoos and other gorgeous patterns on your drive, sidewalk or patio.


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  1. HI Tim,

    I watched the video on Sakrete Flocoat. It was a beautiful way to make concrete look fabulous.

    Is this the product my neighbors are hiring contractors to make their concrete floor in the garage look good and can be cleaned easily?

    Hoping to hear your response.

    Josephine Iovino

  2. Love the FLOCOAT video....that is so cool.....I bet a lot of people will be doing this , this summer....I sent it to my daughter.....she liked it too....so they may be doing some of this too.....
    Wonder if they have it at LOWE'S which is near us ? Guess we will check and see.....thanks for a great video.....you do good work 🙂

  3. Saw your article in our Homeseller magazine (in paper). Tried to Email you but couldn't figure how to do so.

    In Lexington, KY
    Do driveway 'section' areas (have four) need to have 'breaks' separated to reduce cracking during any normal expansion of the sections??
    Any idea how much is needed for about a 20X30 driveway?
    You recommended covering finished product. Does it matter if plastic is black (absorbs heat, which you indicated wasn't good) or clear??

    Assume edges need some kind of form to hold product in.

  4. Tim - Were you able to see/walk on the finished product?

    I would like to know if the finished surface really works for a sidewalk. Hopefully Sakrete has been able to solve the problem of rain making sidewalks covered with similar materials extremely slippery.

  5. Tim,

    My questions relate to your video and comments on the Sakrete Flocoat product. The video was great.

    I am the President of a condo association in Connecticut and have a problem with spalling (from light to heavy) of some of our units concrete steps and walks. The complex is 8 years and the concrete itself seems to be in good condition.

    We have been looking for a product that would be easy to apply and stand up to Connecticut winters in regard to durability and resistance to ice melt products and shoveling. In three years we have not found one that meets our requirements.

    You gave a very positive statement to Edwardo (I KNOW IT WILL WORK) and it seems that you have a strong background in concrete. But, this seems to be a new product and do you think that it WILL WORK in our situation? Also,do you have any other ideas that we could research?

    I thank you in advance for your response and/or comments.

    Ray Gorynski

    • Possibly. Type: Concrete Overlay into the search engine here at my site. READ all my past columns about this topic and understand the challenges with CRACKS.

  6. I h ave one inch thick expansion joints in the concrete. It's kind of new concrete, can I cover with a soft PVC or vinil rubber like or any other material to insert and make it level while preventing the concrete to crack? Any suggestions as to what product to use to cover the joints with a purpose of resurfacing (epoxy) to make it look shiny and beautiful? Do I have to resurface/overlay on top of the cover for the joints and before I apply the epoxy? Thinking that I could use Flocoat if I have to coat the concrete because of the joints.
    Thank you

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