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Sanding Tips Video

Does your project requires a lot of sanding? There are some really good mechanical tools and handheld tools available. If you have a lot of sanding, consider using a belt sander. Belt sanders work fast and you can switch the belts quickly. Belt grits range from coarse to fine.

For smaller sanding projects, look at one of the handheld oscillating or orbital sanders. These palm sanders come in two styles. One uses a circular sanding pad with holes in it. The holes suck up the dust as you sand. The other style uses a rectangular piece of sand paper and vibrate as it sands.

A new product is sandpaper that is attached to a piece of foam. These soft foam sanding pads allow you to sand items with difficult curves or round surfaces. The pads are reusable. Just rinse it out and start sanding.

If you pick the right tool, sanding does not have to be such a rough job!


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