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Sara Martin & Tim Carter Planning Webinar & Survey

best shed plan planning webinar

The planning webinar video recording just below will help you understand why you need great plans. The image above is but one page showing a cross-section of Tim Carter's fantastic two-story shed. There are 17 pages in the set of plans!! CLICK THE IMAGE NOW TO BUY THEM. INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Planning Webinar - Do It Right, Not Over From the Start

Please watch the one-hour planning webinar video recording just below. It focuses on building and planning nightmares. It's hosted by Sara Martin, partner of Open Door Architecture,  and Tim Carter, founder of AsktheBuilder.com.

Sara and Tim give four examples of how you can save vast amounts of money and personal frustration by taking time before you start a job to PLAN it out.

The first minute of the webinar is a little clumsy as we wanted to make sure you saw us live. But at 1:12, things smooth out and we jump straight into the topic.

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