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Scotsman Ice Machine SCN60

Tim Carter, demonstrates the Scotsman SCN60 residential ice machine and goes over key installation tips. Scotsman ice machines make the chewable nugget ice you often see at restaurants.


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    • Scott, I contacted the folks at Scotsman about the price issue and here's what they said, "Just to put it in perspective the manufacturing cost of those models is much higher than any other residential ice machine available. The material and labor costs far exceed our regular “cuber” models due to design and the way that the ice is made. As is our product quality position, we also include components that are not offered on any other brand: ultra-sonic bin sensor, double flight auger to reduce load on the gear motor and extend product life, sensors that will shut down unit if certain conditions occur that could cause a catastrophic failure, ice sweep to move ice to bin without building up around the top of the auger assembly."

      I've said for years in countless columns of mine, that price is a great barometer of quality. Things that work better cost more for a reason. This is a great example. You need to know that I've had other ice machines in the past and all of them have had catastrophic failures, causing all sorts of leaks that ruined the hardwood floor in my kitchen and caused damage in my basement.

  1. I would love to have one, but the return on investment is very low for a residential ice machine! Okay, there really is no ROI! You have to love chewing ice or have a lot of disposable income to justify this luxury item. This is not for the average persons household...Tim’s household must be well above average! Good for you, Tim!

    • Steven, I've always wanted chewable ice and so did my family. As most people do, they prioritize what material things they want to own and then they make it happen. You may desire muscle cars, fine clothes, extravagant vacations, etc. and spend your money on those things. The bottom line is this ice machine has brought lots of happiness to the Carter family, so I consider that a huge success.

  2. Hi Tim, we are considering purchase of this ice maker. You installed yours sometime in 2014. Have you had any service issues with it? Please tell me what and repair costs. Ours will be in an area where servicing it will not be possible. Also is it noisy? That might depend on where we install it. Thanks for your reply.

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