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Senco F-15 Finish Nailer Review

senco finish nailer

Here's the tool I tested. It drove nails perfectly. CLICK THE PHOTO now to have one delivered to your home.

Senco F-15 Finish Nailer

I've driven hundreds of thousands of nails with many different nail guns since the late 1970s. This fact should be of great interest to you.


That deep experience allows me to give you a pro's opinion about a new tool so you don't waste your money.

Here's another fact. You might come across other tool reviews written by hobby bloggers who've never set foot on a job site nor have ever worked inside or outside the home of a paying customer.

Always be sure you check out the reviewer's About Me page so you can judge their qualifications when it comes to evaluating a tool. How can a person who's not used tools on a job site for years render an opinion you can trust? It's your money at stake when you buy, not his for goodness sake!

But I digress!

A Senco Neighbor

I grew up in Cincinnati, OH and my entire construction experience was in and around Cincinnati.

My first nail gun was a Senco SN-4 I believe. It was a large gray gun that shot 16d sinkers and 8d nails for roof and wall sheathing and thicker subflooring.

That gun never failed me. I don't believe it ever jammed. If it did, I have no memory. At the time I had no idea that Senco was based in Cincinnati. What a small world.

Within five years, I owned no less than five pneumatic Senco guns. They made me lots of money.

The F-15

Over the past five years I've been to countless editors conferences where tool manufacturers ply their wares to the members of the media. I've witnessed the amazing transformation of cordless tools and ever-increasing battery chemistry and performance.

Perhaps the biggest advancement has been micro-processor technology built into power tools to protect the tool and the battery.

It only made sense to bring this magic to finish nailers.

Fast Recharge

I continue to be impressed by the rapid recharge time once you've depleted a battery. The F-15's battery can attain 80% recharge in just 15 minutes and a full charge in just 45 minutes. That means after a long lunch you can get back to work and not fear running out of power.

The Specs

I don't waste the time repeating specs. If you want them, CLICK HERE.

Weight and Performance

There are pros and cons to every tool. I've reviewed hundreds of them. The same is true for this gorgeous finish nailer.

I love the fact that I don't have to mess with a compressor and a hose. I grab the tool, push it against the wood, and squeeze the trigger. Kerchunk - it fires!

I may have put up five pieces of trim in the time it takes you to get your compressor and hose set up making sure you don't mess any surface up.

However, you pay a small price for this convenience.

The tool with the battery weighs a little more than I'd prefer. It's not much, but it could be enough to cause some fatigue later in the day.

My Rating

I'm a sucker for bright red and blue so this tool already had an inside track. Just kidding!

In all honesty, I'd give this nail gun 4.5 stars. I love the convenience of no hose and no compressor.

Senco can get the other half star when the next version of this tool goes on a diet.

You'll not be disappointed using this nail gun and I feel you'll agree with me about the convenience.

Let me know in the comments below.


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