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Senco FinishPro XP16 Review

senco finishpro xp16

Senco FinishPro XP16 | This is a rugged air nailer that drives 16-gauge finish nails perfectly one after another. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Senco FinishPro XP16 Review

Professionals normally do tool reviews. I'm talking about people like me who have used tools all day long for decades.

How would you like a review of a nail gun done by someone who's NEVER used one before?

Here it is.

Who Used the Senco FinishPro XP16?

My friends Ann and Russ Waters who live in southern California used the nail gun. Here's what Ann had to say:

"We had never thought about using a nail gun until Tim, our friend and founder of Ask the Builder, recommended it and it saved this project for us. Instead of being frustrated with driving nails through the expensive wood trim into hard plaster, we're having great fun with it."

senco finishpro xp16

Here's Ann driving a nail with confidence. Years ago she'd be tapping away with a hammer HOPING not to create a beauty mark in the gorgeous wood that's going to be stained. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Did You Have Any Nail Gun Experience?

"We have no prior nail-gun experience, but the grips feel good and it is comfortable to use them for a long period of time without fatigue.  It was easy to get used to using them.  We're now spoiled forever.  No more hammers and bent nails."

Was the Senco Finishpro XP16 Dependable?

"The gun was very dependable. We shot hundreds and hundreds of nails. We had one nail jam and it was easy to clear."

senco finishpro xp16

Here's the Senco FinishPro XP16 working next to stained glass that's just about 100 years old. Ann wasn't worried about a hammer slipping that could shatter the glass! Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

What Did You Like Most About the FinishPro XP16?

"What we like most while we were using them was the speed and ease of getting the job done. What we are going to like the most for as long as we live in this house, is how much better the finished product is. The nail holes are so tiny that you can hardly see them. Taps, or common nail sets, would have left much more obvious holes.  And by pushing with the gun before you nail, you can get the wood very tight against the wall or other wood.  I couldn't have held it like that when you're holding a hammer and nail so seams between the trim pieces are nice and tight."

Would You Recommend a Finish Nail Gun to Other Beginners?

"We would definitely tell anyone who has not tried them to get over using a hammer and do this. Get over the horror stories you hear about people getting nailed in the head. Russ and I never felt in danger. Read the safety information and you will feel comfortable using it in no time. We did not use the setting where a nail comes out every time you make contact. In view of our inexperience, we set it so you have to hit the trigger each time and we felt very comfortable with it."

senco finishpro xp16

This is the epic tip to the gun. Senco has perfected this over decades. This wire foot allows you to easily see exactly where every nail will go. This is just one reason Ann and Russ had so much success. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Senco FinishPro XP16 Review - DIY First-User Success Story
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Senco FinishPro XP16 Review - DIY First-User Success Story
The Senco FinishPro XP16 is so well designed, a rookie homeowner can use it with complete ease and success. Great true story here.
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