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September 26, 2014 AsktheBuilder Weekend Warrior

I've been really busy the past three days. I'm getting ready for the huge upcoming game and contest for you where you may be the person that wins the $1,000 grand prize! More on that on Tuesday.

To get ready for the contest, I had to paint some bold colors on an exterior Therma-Tru fiberglass door. I decided to test out a homeowner paint sprayer for this job. WOW!

Watch this video of the paint sprayer where I show it in use and I demonstrate how EASY it is to clean up after use. It's MUCH MUCH faster to clean this than cleaning a brush and roller, that's for sure.

I think you're going to be LAUGHING OUT LOUD watching this video, especially the last parts of it. Look closely at my hair at the beginning of the video, then at the end. Ha ha ha hah!

Oh, here's a new question and answer I added to the website yesterday:

Vapor Barrier on Foundation Walls

More news and tips next Tuesday!


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