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September 4, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

How was your Labor Day weekend? I hope grand! It was a rainy and dreary one here in New Hampshire. There were some periods of sun, but rain was center stage all weekend - especially on Monday.

If you're a new subscriber in the past two weeks, I want you to realize the format of this particular newsletter is NEW. The entire newsletter this week is devoted to one, and only one, topic. Normally I have all sorts of different sections.

If you're a longtime subscriber to this newsletter, you've seen it morph and transform over the years. Today's one of those days. I'm starting to devote certain newsletters to just one primary topic.

Since we just passed an important holiday, it's fitting that this one be devoted to Labor - and less of it!

I want you to work LESS and have more money and time to do other things in your life.

These special newsletters are going to be dedicated to the person that provided the inspiration for the topic. This newsletter is dedicated to Garver Brown. You'll see why in a moment.

I hope you enjoy this change of pace. Next week we'll have a standard old newsletter for those of you who abhor change. I know you're out there. Thanks for your patience.

If you like this slight change of format and want to see other types of special issues, let me know. Reply and change the Subject Line to: Special Topic. Then briefly tell me what you'd like to see - maybe it's a special issue covering new tools, drainage issues, roof leaks, or other things you want to know much more about.

Next week, I'll be giving you an update on the Dishwasher Damage topic. I'll have questions for you next week about DeWALT tools and if you're a victim of vinyl floor shrinkage. Watch for that newsletter next week.

On August 13, 2013, Garver Brown emailed me:

"Tim, I've been using Stain Solver on my deck. It's not doing anything, can it be too old? We bought a full pail at least 3 years ago?"

WHAT? A pail of Stain Solver sitting around unused for THREE YEARS? Are you serious? Were you in a horrible accident and unable to use your arms for three years?

That's the thought that bounced around in my head after reading Garver's pithy email.

Once I got over the SHOCK of how poor a job I was doing communicating to you the countless uses of Stain Solver, that little imp in all of us that jumps up on our shoulders from time to time said, "Okay, it's time to step up your game. You've got to take a BOLD step and tell your subscribers about the magic of Stain Solver."

Garver's Stain Solver was not bad. It did work, I just had to tell him how to use it to get amazing results. That's another mistake of mine. I'm not communicating to you very well how to use Stain Solver. Let's try to fix that.

That's what this entire newsletter is about. Saving.

I'm going to share with you a few photos and stories sent in by people just like you that are saving time, saving money, and saving their stuff using Stain Solver. It's that simple.

What is Stain Solver? It's a powdered oxygen bleach my wife and I developed back in 1995. It's contains a Certified Organic active ingredient manufactured in Houston, TX. The only other ingredient is pure soda ash mined in Wyoming.

There's no odor, no perfumes, no additives, nothing but pureness. That's why Beth, who's highly allergic to chemicals, has me send it to her regularly to in Palo Alto, CA.

You mix the magic crystals in Stain Solver with water and instantly billions of oxygen ions are released that break apart stains and odor molecules. But there's no collateral damage to fabrics or synthetic dyes. Stain Solver is fabric and color-safe.

If you want to save time, money and your things, then keep reading and looking. If you don't want to save any of those things, the photos may interest you.

Let's start with an email I received hours ago from my friend Steve Loyola:

"The challenge was a tall, nicely hand-painted clear olive oil bottle. We wanted to reuse it for more flavored olive oil, but hours of soaking in soapy water and lots of shaking couldn't get out the leftover herb/olive oil grunge from the inside of the bottle. I used a bottle brush but my longest one couldn't reach the bottom four inches of the bottle where the grunge was the worst.

As a last resort, I half-filled the bottle with warm water and put in half a scoop of Stain Solver. (Yeah, I should know by now that it should be the *first* thing I try.)

I figured I'd let it sit for a day, like I've done with my badly stained shirts that Stain Solver has saved. When I just happened to be at the sink about half an hour later, the Stain Solver had already stopped fizzing ... and all the grunge was already gone! Not one speck left.

Thanks for letting us reuse a nice counter-worthy bottle that looked like a lost cause."

You're welcome, Steve!

Kathy Derry saved an outdoor swinging loveseat that most would have probably taken to the dump.

Yeah, it's hard to believe that Stain Solver saved that loveseat.

You should see the high-resolution image of the seat!

Now I'm going to just list a few of the things you can use Stain Solver to save you time and money:

Septic Systems - creates oxygen in the tank that accelerates the breakdown of solids.

Horse Barns and Trailers - non-toxic cleaner for wood / floors in stalls, concrete walkways in barns, etc. Stain Solver is completely safe around horses.

Vinyl Siding, Wood Siding and Brick

Camping Equipment

Awnings on RVs - heck, any surface on an RV that you can get water on!

Animal Odors - cat spray or urine in carpets, furniture, clothing, etc.

Patio Furniture - algae and mildew removal

Soot Stains on Fireplaces - don't believe me? Ask Gary or Julie from Gilcrest Cottages.

Carpet Stains

Bogdan sent in some photos to us in the past two weeks. Look how he transformed his roof in less than an hour.

Richard Koesel wrote to me a couple of weeks ago. He was really frustrated. He went golfing on vacation and slathered a bunch of sun screen on him. Well, it got onto one of his favorite polo shirts. He washed it at the vacation rental cottage and the stains got WORSE not better.

He asked me if there was any hope. I told him how to soak it in Stain Solver. Here's what he wrote:

"We followed your instructions closely and amazingly it worked. Actually my wife did it while I was out of town. We forgot to take a 'before' picture, but I assure you the shirt was not wearable.

I've included a couple of 'after' pix. With the exception of inside the collar the stain was removed & the shirt is white. We made sure to take the pix in direct sunlight which would highlight any residual stains. I might repeat the process.

UDM is University of Detroit-Mercy which was University of Detroit when I graduated. The shirt was a birthday gift from one of my sisters for my 50th. which makes it over a decade old. I tend to keep the shirts I like forever, so this one was just getting broken in.

Now all I have to do is clean my deck."

How am I doing? Are you convinced yet that Stain Solver will help you save things?

Think how much money it's already saved the people in the photos above? Some people might have had a new roof installed instead of cleaning it!

You know Richard was happy to save his ten-year-old shirt that's now going to make it another ten or fifteen years with Stain Solver.

Garver, I know you're reading this, are you ready to pop the lid on that pail yet and start using it?

Here's a small final list of things you can save with Stain Solver:

Gross Car Mats

Coffee and Iced-Tea Makers


Dentures - talk about REAL whitening!!!!! Oh my!

Caramelized grease on glass and metal cookware

Boat hull scum




Garage Floors

I think you get the picture. Stain Solver works on just about ANYTHING WATER WASHABLE.

You want to see countless before and after photos if you still need convincing? Just go to our Before and After gallery and CLICK THE PHOTO in the left column to open the pages to see the larger before and after photos.

Are you ready to save your stuff? Are you skeptical?

Are you willing to risk just ten buck? Sure you are!

Purchase the special small sample size that I deliver to your house anywhere in the USA or US territories for just $9.97. Go ahead. You'll NOT regret it.

Order it now.

If you order a bigger size, I'll give you a 15% discount.

You need to purchase at least $27 worth of the product to get the discount.

Use the promo code:


This sale ends Sunday, September 8th (2013) at midnight ET (UTC-5). There are LIMITED quantities of each size available. I'm NOT making this up.

I hope we don't sell out again! That happened a month ago.

Happy Saving and Happy Cleaning!

Don't make the mistake Steve and Richard made when you start to use Stain Solver.

TAKE BEFORE photos. I want to see what you saved. Can you beat Kathy Derry?

More tips and tricks next week.


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