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September 6, 2012 AsktheBuilder Newsletter Update

Yesterday I shared news about the cool Duluth Trading Company Last Pants Standing Contest. Click the link for that if you missed it and want to win some great Fire Hose work pants (they have them for men and women).

However, you may be one of many that brought to my attention there was a problem with a different link I shared. That link was supposed to allow you to get FREE SHIPPING if you just wanted to buy something from Duluth Trading and not enter the contest.

I got numerous emails about the link NOT WORKING.

After hearing about the problem, I reached out to my contact and was told that you just have to enter the following promo code during the checkout process to get FREE SHIPPING:


Crazy promo code, but it is what it is. I just tested it and it worked for me. If you want to see all the great stuff Duluth Trading has, just click this link that will take you to the Fire Hose pants page. You can surf the entire site from there.

They do have a magnificent line of products for women.

If you do decide to purchase something from Duluth Trading Company, would you kindly email to me what you purchased? I'd be fascinated to see what caught your eye. Maybe you saw something I need.

NOTE: You may have to purchase a minimum amount to qualify for FREE SHIPPING. I can tell you this is so from all the Stain Solver oxygen bleach I sell. Shipping has gotten expensive. It routinely costs me nearly $10, often lots more, to ship a container of Stain Solver to you.

Understand that Duluth Trading can't sell a blouse for $10, that costs them perhaps $4 to make and then have to pay $6 for shipping. They'd go out of business.

If you ever want to have a discussion about shipping costs and running a business that involves shipping products, let me know. Kathy and I have been doing it since 1996. We know much about shipping and handling costs!


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