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September 8, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

If you're a new subscriber in the last four days, this is NOT a normal newsletter.

When I have a sale on products, I send out a final WARNING that the sale is about to end.

Today is one of those days.

The 15% off sale on Stain Solver ends at Midnight tonight, September 8, 2013 ET. (UTC-5)

Purchase Stain Solver NOW to get the sale price. Not an hour from now. DO IT NOW. You need to spend at least $27 to get the 15% discount.

You'll need the following promo code to get the discount.


This promo code only works at the Stain Solver shopping cart.

Remember, Stain Solver contains just two ingredients:

  • Certified Organic oxygen bleach made in Houston, TX
  • Pure Soda Ash from a Wyoming mine

You may be a Doubting Thomas. You may have never tried Stain Solver thinking it's a bunch of hooey. It's not hooey. It's good stuff.

To help make you a believer, I developed the cute Sample Size of Stain Solver. It's a small 8-ounce bottle that allows you to try Stain Solver for less than $10.

For just $9.97, you can become one of the MANY that save time, money and their stuff.

To get the discount on this sample size, you'll need to purchase three of them. Do that and you can share two of the bottles with friends, co-workers, relatives or total strangers.

Yes, do a fun random act of kindness and hand a small sample bottle of Stain Solver to a stranger. I double dare you to do this and share your story of the encounter.

Do that and I'll give you a LARGE special secret discount on your next purchase. Send me a copy of your order showing you purchased multiple bottles of the SS01 size and your story. When you do that, I'll send you the secret promo code.

As you might expect, we receive lots of questions about what Stain Solver will clean. Here's the bottom line:

If an object can be washed in water or gotten wet with water, then Stain Solver can almost always clean it. Just about everything can be gotten wet with water!

The top three things we tell people to be careful with are:

  • wool
  • silk
  • redwood

Stain Solver can SOMETIMES change the color of these items.

However, not too long ago we received a glowing testimonial where Stain Solver SAVED some silk items! Hooray!

Mar K. sent us this great testimonial and photo in the past few days:

"I took out hand-knitted sweaters and caps from 34 years ago to use for our grandson. They were perfectly clean when stored in the cedar chest. Somehow the cherished items became stained while stored. I used Stain Solver and the stains disappeared."

Melanie emailed me after the last newsletter went out. She's got problems with mildew stains on a one-year-old Trex deck. She wanted to know if Stain Solver would remove the stains and NOT HURT the Trex. Look at the photo and then read my answer below it:

YES! Stain Solver will SAFELY clean Trex or any other composite decking. The BEST PART is it will NOT HARM any vegetation or expensive landscaping around the deck, patio or driveway!

Robert Blackburn, Jr. sent in the dramatic photos just below along with the following testimonial last night.

Yes, we get testimonials EVERY DAY. I'm waiting for yours!!!!!! Read what Robert said:

"This is my insulated coffee cup I've used for several years. I can taste coffee even when drinking water from it, at least until yesterday. An overnight soaking of Stain Solver did what dishwashers, steel wool, and brushes could not do."

Yes, Robert, Stain Solver gets rid of coffee, tea and similar stains with NO SCRUBBING!

Read his testimonial again. He said he just let it SOAK. Remember four days ago when by buddy Steve Loyola got similar results with his grungy olive-oil bottle?

I do the same thing with our plastic iced-tea pitcher. Stain Solver makes our pitcher crystal clear.

Here are Robert's coffee-cup photos:

Okay, enough photos.

If you don't believe Stain Solver will work for you by now, nothing will convince you.

You'll just have to suffer through life throwing things away or dealing with dirty stuff day after day.

Go ahead, become one of the believers!


A regular newsletter will be ready for you on Tuesday.


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