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Septic Tank Installation

septic tank leach field distribution box

Septic Tank Installation | This is an elevated leach field ABOVE a septic tank. The sewage effluent is pumped up to this small sandy area and enters the gray distribution box at the far end of the sand. Do you think you could install all this correctly? I think you can with my phone coaching. Go here to set up a phone call with me.

Septic Tank Installation - It Can Be DIY with Coaching

Septic tank installation is not too hard to do. It starts with a septic design which must be done by a professional.

What Size Tank Should I Have?

The size of a septic tank is usually determined by the number of bathrooms in a home. The reasoning is more bedrooms means more full-time occupants who will be sending sewage into the tank.

What About the Leach Field?

The design and size of the leach field is critical. Unless you have lots of time and muscle or slave labor, you'll need a machine to help you install the hundreds of tons of sand that's required.

Watch these videos to see what's involved in installing a septic tank and its leach field:



The next video in the series will be uploaded as soon as the workers on the job site get the pipes installed from the house to the tank and from the tank to the leach field.


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