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Sewage Ejection Pump

Sewage Ejection Pump - It's a Septic Tank Inside Your Home

A sewage ejection pump is normally found in a sealed sump pit inside your home. Solid and liquid human body waste flow into the sump.

sewage ejection pump

Brown nasty water lives under this lid. It's the last thing you want in your basement or lower level.

They're disgusting. The sewage must be pumped up to some pipe where it then flows by gravity to an exterior septic tank or a city sewer.

The sewage ejection pumps get clogged or fail always at some point. Can you imagine the mess IN YOUR HOME that is created when it's time to replace one of these pumps?

How Do You Prevent Having a Sewage Ejection Pump?

It's easy. You simply purchase a building lot where you can use gravity to drain the lowest plumbing pipes in your home out to a septic tank or city sewer.

I offer phone coaching to share with you how to make sure you'll purchase the correct building lot. Go here to set up a phone or video call.


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