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Sewer Gas Smell Vent Pipe Video

roof vent flashing

Sewer Gas Smell | Sewer gas can be sucked from a rooftop vent pipe like this when the wind blows across it. If you decide to vent your bath exhaust through the roof using solid PVC pipe, be sure to use a high-quality vent pipe flashing like this one to prevent leaks. Photo Credit: Tim Carter 2021

Sewer Gas Smell Vent Pipe - Odor Source

Sewer gas smell can be pulled from a rooftop plumbing vent pipe as the wind blows across it. This is known as the venturi effect and you should have been introduced to this law of physics in high school. That said, you could have been sick that day it was talked about in class!

If you need plumbing consulting, I can do it for you. I've been a master plumber since age 29 and can help you solve your sewer gas problems.

You can also get sewer gas smell from a septic tank cleaning procedure.

Tim Carter shows a clever way to stop odors from exiting a plumbing vent pipe on a roof.


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