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SHARP Steam Countertop Oven SSC0586DS

sharp steam countertop oven

SHARP Steam Countertop Oven | Look at that yummy soft pretzel surrounded by a halo of steam! CLICK or TAP HERE to purchase one.

SHARP Steam Countertop Oven - It's Compact & It Works

I've been testing the SHARP superheated steam countertop oven for about two months now. I have to say it's exceeded my expectations.

sharp steam countertop oven

This is it. Gleaming stainless steel and easy to operate. CLICK or TAP HERE to purchase one.

The first thing I cooked was a store-bought deluxe pizza. I was really interested to see if it would get the crust crispy. I have to say it was the best store-bought pizza I've ever had out of any oven. The suggested temperature and time settings were perfect.

sharp steam countertop oven

Here's the pizza I cooked. It's still got time to go as you can see on the control panel. The crust was PERFECT! Burp! CLICK or TAP HERE to purchase one.

Recently I heated up some soft pretzel prizes given to me by a dear friend. The Bake/Reheat mode along with the steam made the pretzels the absolute best I've ever had even at a carnival or arena. Be sure to melt some butter and brush it on the pretzel before you sprinkle the coarse salt on it if you want the true soft-pretzel experience. It was all I could do to NOT eat three of them at once creating a carb coma. They were that good!

This oven is very compact and it uses, on average, 25 percent LESS electricity than your normal 240-volt large oven. It's perfect for just about every small cooking or heating task.

Does it Really Cook With Steam?

Yes! The oven has this small water reservoir that is just below the control knob. You fill it with about 8 ounces of water to the fill line and when the oven is on, it converts this water to steam. It's perfect to make hot dog buns just like I used to use at Skyline Chili out of the steam bun warmers! The steam also helps keep other food moist.

How Many Cook Modes Does It Have?

The SHARP steam countertop oven has five handy cooking modes:

  • Broil/Grill
  • Bake/Reheat
  • Pizza
  • Warm
  • Toast

These modes have pre-programmed settings to choose from so you get perfect results depending on what you want the oven to do for you.

sharp steam countertop oven

This is how you make delicious food. Just spin the round knob and push those two buttons and a food coma is sure to happen! CLICK or TAP HERE to purchase one.

Was it Easy to Use?

The controls are very easy to use. You just turn the round knob to select the mode you want, push the SELECT button, and then rotate the knob again to select temperature and cooking times.

Is It Easy to Clean?

Yes, it's easy to keep clean if you just wipe it down after each use. Be sure it's cooled down! Read the owner's manual for the best practices with respect to cleaning.

What Else Comes With It?

A broiling pan and crisper tray are included.

What About the Technical Specs, Measurements, Etc?

Easy! CLICK or TAP HERE do get the skinny from SHARP.

The FTC requires me to share that SHARP sent me this oven at no charge to review. I'm a small operation and simply don't have the resources to purchase products and invest all the time to test and create reviews like this. SHARP did not pay me money to create this review and all of my observations and opinions above are factual. The only thing I'm unhappy about is this oven may derail my weight-loss program.


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