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Shed Door Latch Tip



Subscriber Terry Hretsina forwarded his tip of keeping the shed doors open when going in and out.

"Hi Tim,

Being a subscriber, I thought I would pass this little helpful hint to you in case some of your subscribers are looking for ways to keep a shed door open for a short time.

What I did is put a piece of 2x6 (cut a short length) and screwed a hinge on the door frame and on the piece of wood.

Picture 1: When I open the door wide, I flip the piece of wood inside the space of the shed door and then snug the door gently so it stays. If there is no wind, it stays open.

Picture 2: For you to go in and out of the shed. If you want to keep it open, you can always attach a 'hasp and staple' type of hatch to the wood or just use a 'hatch and staple' latch by itself."



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