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Shed Goof – Slide Foam Insulation Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and it's time to put some insulation in ... wait a minute. That's better. (after removing earplugs) Now it is time to put insulation in the floor. And the way we do it is solid core.. cut. Stop. Okay.

It's time .. no, it's fine. Time to put some insulation in the floor. As you remember, we put in some little blocks. All the little blocks are now in and now it is time to cut the insulation to fit tightly into all the openings between the floor joists.

I have already cut a piece and lets see how it fits. It slides in all the way across the shed. Make sure it is above the support blocks. ... Just stop filming! (fade to black)

Go HERE to purchase all the videos showing how to build the shed.


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