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Shower Valve Noise

Shower Noise

Stephanie has a banging noise in her shower in Stockton, CA. Allow her to give you a full report:

"When I turn on the hot water valve in my shower it makes a banging noise until I increase the water flow.

If the flow of the hot water decreases, it will start the banging noise again until I increase the flow.  It sounds like the pipe is banging against something behind the tile wall.

This is getting increasing frustrating as I'm having to turn on more water than necessary to stop the noise.  What should I do?"

Stephanie, I've been a master plumber, as well as a builder, for over 35 years.

shower valve noiseThe problem is in the cartridge in your shower valve.

To stop the noise, all you have to do is replace the worn-out cartridge.

If you know the make and model of your shower valve, you can often get instructions from the manufacturer on how to replace it.

CLICK HERE to see different shower valve cartridges.

On a scale of one to five hammers on a DIY scale of difficulty, I'd rate it four hammers.


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