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Sink Installation Video

Do you want to install a sink in an existing countertop? Tim Carter shows you how to install the sink with these easy to follow tips.

Position the new sink upside down on the countertop and accurately trace the outline of the sink. This provides a guideline for the real mark for the cut-out. The cutout will normally be about 3/16" inside the original mark. This allows for the lip of the sink to overhang the countertop. Check the sink installation directions for the proper measurement. Don't make square corners when cutting out the hole. The corners should have a radius of about 1-1/2". Grab a can out of the pantry to draw your curve.

To make the cut out, two power tools will be needed. A regular drill to drill a starter hole in the counter and a spiral saw to cut the countertop. Drill the starter hole and cut out half of the sink opening with the spiral saw. Screw a board across the opening to hold the cut out piece of countertop from falling down into the cabinet. This board can also be used to lift the piece out of the counter.

The next video, Water Faucet, will show how to install the sink into the opening you just cut and install the water faucet.


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