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Small Screwdriver Set Review – Stanley 66 039

small screwdriver set

Small screwdriver set | This is my handy Stanley 66-039 set. I've had it for many years and it's saved my bacon any number of times. CLICK the photo now to have this set in your hands in several days. It's less than $5 at the time of this review. WOW!

Small Screwdriver Set - Stanley 66-039 - Great Quality

I've owned my small screwdriver set for years. I've lost count of the many times I've used it!

The set has six screwdrivers:

  • #1 Phillips
  • #0 Phillips
  • 3.0 mm Flat Blade
  • 2.3 mm Flat Blade
  • 1.8 mm Flat Blade
  • 1. 4 mm Flat Blade

CLICK HERE NOW to order this set. It was less than $5 at the time of this review. That's a super deal!!!

Small Screwdriver Set - Rotating Cap

A great feature of this screwdriver set is the rotating spinning top. You hold the cap with your finger and thumb applying downward pressure while your other hand rotates the tool to loosen or tighten the screw.

small screwdriver set

This is the spinning cap that sets these screwdrivers apart from the imposters. You'll appreciate this simple feature. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW so you have this set in your hands in days.

Knurled Shaft Provides Great Grip

The knurled shaft ensures the screwdriver doesn't slip in your hand unless you have your fingers covered with oil!

small screwdriver set

These are the knurls. A very expensive machine creates them in the factory. Stanley did this for you so you'd not ruin what you're working on. CLICK THE IMAGE NOW so you can feel these knurls through the soft skin on your fingertips. Let me know in the comments below how much you like this small screwdriver set!


This screwdriver set was featured in Tim's November 1, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter.


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