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Soil Map

Getting ready to build a new home? What is the most important tool to have to start the project - a big bulldozer? No, a soil map. A soil map will tell you all the characteristics, good and bad, for the soil under your project.

These soil maps are put together by geologists and are printed for each county. And they are free. The information contained in these booklets will tell you what type of trees with grow in that soil. It will indicate if the soil is good for septic systems. How well the soil drains.

Locate the property you are considering from the aerial photographs in the map. Once you find your property, the map will have lines and symbols indicating the type of soil on that lot. Look up the symbols and read about your soil.

These soil maps can be found at the county soil and water conversation services office. Get yours before purchasing or building on a lot.

Author's Note:

Dan emailed the following comment regarding an updated source of information for soil maps. If your county doesn't have updated information, you might try Dan's suggestion. He wrote:

"Web soil survey on the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) website is the official repository of soil survey information. The books shown in this video are no longer printed and many have not been updated since the seventies. Instead, you should go on the website http://websoilsurvey.nrcs.usda.gov/app/HomePage.htm and use that information. It is free. I am a soil scientist in PA."


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